Egypt Postpones Trial of ‘Hasm’, ‘Liwa Al-Thawra’ Terror Suspects

A Cairo Military Court postponed Sunday the trial of 271 terrorist suspects to Monday.

The Public Prosecutor had ordered the defendants to be referred to the military judiciary after they were charged with “assuming command of and joining the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist Liwa al-Thawra and Harakat Sawa’d Misr (HASM) groups.”

They are also accused of committing 12 terrorist operations against police officers, as well as booby-trapping cars and monitoring public and economic installations and public figures in order to later commit hostile acts against them.

According to the probe, the defendants supplied the two groups with money, explosives, firearms, ammunition and other logistic support. They also committed several murders and attempted murders against officers and members of the police force in various provinces of the country.

Investigations also linked the case to leading Muslim Brotherhood members in Turkey.

“The fugitives abroad devised a terrorist plot to restructure the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, in cooperation with leading fugitives inside the country, in order to commit hostile acts against judicial and police officials, the armed forces and prominent state figures and economic installations,” the probe found.

They were indicted for assassinating a police captain, involvement in an ambush in Nasr City, which left several police members dead, attacking a police vehicle on the Fayoum highway and plotting to target Coptic places of worship.