Houthis Storm ‘Nasserist’s Headquarters’ in New Crime Against Yemenis

The Houthi group in Sanaa has committed new crimes on Saturday by storming the headquarters of the Nasserist Unionist People’s Organization and imposing new taxes on residents.

Politicians and partisans denounced this violation, saying that it is a resumption of the group’s attitude in oppression and confiscation of funds and properties.

Witnesses from Sanaa said that Houthis have imposed new taxes on residents under the excuse of supporting the war efforts.

Residents in Sanaa told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that Houthi members threatened to punish those who refuse to donate through depriving them of gas bottles and any humanitarian aid delivered by international organizations.

Upon these violations, students of the University of Science and Technology protested against Houthis, saying they have laid hands over the university in the last weeks. Protesters chanted demanding the prompt release of the university’s president kidnapped by the group.

In a related context, the UN human rights office in Sanaa issued its report on Saturday on the insurgent militias’ violations against civilians and public-private properties. The report archived more than 18,000 crimes in Sanaa in one day including murder, torturing and looting of properties.

Yemeni Minister of Local Administration Abdul Raqib Fatah stressed the importance of monitoring and archiving the insurgents’ crimes and showing them to the world through available channels.

Abdul-Ghani Jamil, deputy governor of Sanaa, said that Houthis have committed crimes against people in the capital and Yemen in general. He affirmed that reality is even darker than what the report shows.