Shekau’s Boko Haram Raids Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) Base Camp To Reclaim “Their Women” at Sunnawa village in Abadam district, Borno State, Nigeria – 22 January 2020

TRAC Analyst Michael Quinones continues to follow activities in Nigeria. On 15 January, after tracking their ‘missing females’ to an ISWA base camp, Boko Haram stormed the ISWA camp on pickup trucks in Sunnawa village in Abadam district of Borno State.

Purportedly ISWA had kidnapped 13 women, it is unclear if these were wives, hostages or female Boko Haram fighters, from their camp in Diffa, Niger. Eyewitness accounts report that the intense fire fight between the two rival jihadist left dead on both sides. According to the same witnesses Boko Haram was unsuccessful, the women in question remained in the camp.