Libya’s Afriqiyah Airlines announces its reunification

Libya’s state Afriqiyah Airlines announced on Saturday that its two split administrations in Tripoli and Benghazi have reunified.

In a welcomed move that bucks a recent trend towards disunification between the west and east of Libya, the head of the eastern branch of Afriqiyah Airlines, Al-Fadel Abubaker Algadi announced in a written statement the ending of its administrative and financial division.

Algadi announced his unconditional resignation and his dropping of all the legal cases that he had started against Afriqiyah’s Tripoli management.

Libyan aviation sources have told Libya Herald that much work by well-meaning intermediaries has been going on in the background in an effort to reunite the divided management of Afriqiyah Airlines.

The Libyan aviation sector has been struggling since the 2011 revolution to get back on its feet as it has been caught up in the militia fighting targeting Tripoli’s airports.

Besides the political and security instability, the collapse of Libya’s economy has meant that there has been little investment in the ailing state airliners, Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airlines.